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Did you see how that top slapped his bitch..and covered his mouth up while fucking him….gee wizz….that’s soooooooooo romantic! LOL

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i didn’t want to involve the fuckin’ cops in my business affairs…so’s i take these 5 drunken asshole str8bois who tried to run out of MY fuckin’ bar without paying their fuckin’ bartab…lock them in the fuckin’ shithouse…threaten to kill them if they don’t choose one fucker in the group to be stripped and held in place while the others forcefully jack him off…had one of the assholes tastefully record it all for fuckin’ posterity and my own fuckin’ personal edification…if you knows what i mean.

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TOM of FINLAND was a trail blazer of his time

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his 1st time…
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things we do to get famous…

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Fast Filming….

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Masturbating to orgasm and ejaculation

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Family Fun Times is one month old! Thanks for kind notes over the past month. I’m glad so many people are enjoying the blog. Here are some of my favorite gifs from the past month ;-)